Can one person make a difference? Absolutely! This high school student certainly did. France-Anne Sweeny tragically lost her life as a result of a horse-back riding accident in May 2009. Without question France-Anne was an exceptional young woman. She had a wonderful sense of humour and smile that could light up a room. Her engaging personality allowed her to easily connect with whomever she met. She also had a sense of purpose and a passion to make the world a better place. A victim of bullying herself, she had a very compelling story to tell, which she told in many different ways: as a member of Cameron Heights Collegiate W.A.Y. V. E. (Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere) Club; speaking at suicide prevention workshops, and through her every day interactions with others. France-Anne always saw the best in everyone she met, and worked tirelessly to be the best she could be. She was an inspiration to us all.

It was this passion, this “love for life” and this ability to touch so many lives that inspired her parents to create this fund/foundation and the ”Making A Difference” Awards which will acknowledge and reward these qualities in other young people in our local schools. Not only will France-Anne’s name live on, but her passion and sense of mission will live on through the recipients of these awards for many years to come.

General Information

The Grade 11 Award and Graduate Award is a two-tiered program available in all secondary schools within the Catholic and Public boards. The Award, presented to a grade 11 student, is the first level of the program. Each high school, through an application process, will select one grade 11 Award winner who will have $100 donated to a charity of their choice. Recipients of the Grade 11 Award will also be eligible to apply for one of ten, $1000 Graduate Awards in their graduating year. Only recipients of the Grade 11 Award will be eligible to apply for the Graduate Award.

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