Whitley Enns

Whitley, a grade 11 student, is “not afraid of hard work and understands that in order to get a job done, and do it well, one needs to be selfless”. She is an Honour Roll student who is also heavily involved in co-curricular activities who leads by example with integrity and high standards. She believes strongly in an inclusive community and is trying to help to create this community through her charity of choice, Kate’s Kause. It is a charity named for Kate, a young girl born with a neurogenetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome and Kate’s Kause aims to build playgrounds in the community so that children of all physical abilities can play. Whitley remembers going to playgrounds as a child and realizes the many important life lessons she learned there. This is why she wants all children to have the same opportunity to be active, socialize and play no matter what their physical ability. Whitley also understands that Kate’s Kause is bringing awareness to Angelman Syndrome. She states “awareness is a powerful tool that leads to understanding, compassion and ultimately a better future” and she has faith that this charity will help to do this.