Tommy Boland

Tommy, a grade 11 student, is a “quiet leader” that demonstrates the values that France-Anne modeled in her own life. He is an exceptional academic that appreciates his gifts, and has a commitment to contributing to the quality of life of his family, school, local and global communities. As a LINK leader, he is a champion for his school and acts as a mentor for Grade 9 students, helping them adjust successfully in the “Celtic” community. In the coming year, he will travel with twenty-five other students to the Dominican Republic on a social justice mission. As a We Schools committee member, he works within the school to educate the students and staff on the many injustices around the world and on our ability to affect change. Tommy’s charity of choice is the Parents of Community Living (PCL). He knows firsthand the value of this organization because he has a younger brother with special needs and challenges that this not-for-profit is supporting. PCL is an organization that started within our community and provides supports for families and homes for adults who are struggling with mental disabilities, allowing each to live a life of dignity.