Teodor Nikolov

Teodor is an exceptionally caring young man who is always ready to help not only his relatives and friends but also those less fortunate in his community. Working with 2 other young students on a project in Civics class last year, Teodor helped to create H.E.L.P. (Homelessness Everywhere Lacking Publicity). Through the determination and passion of these students it grew into something much more than a school project. The mission of HELP is to assist the low income and homeless population in Cambridge through direct contact and personal connections. They create care packages containing non-perishable food, socks, gloves, hats, basic toiletries, sandwiches and water. The packages are handed out individually to people on the streets or through local shelters. During this meeting, they connect with the people, capture their stories on tape and share them online (with their permission) in order to cast light on the homelessness issue and to inspire others to do the same in their communities. With over 100 packages already handed out and two mini documentaries produced, Teodor is hoping that they have made a difference and will be able to continue to inspire people to keep going.