Sarah Rosales-Zelaya

Sarah, a grade 11 student, leads by example. “She is a student who is respected by her teachers, held in high esteem by her mentors and is certainly a role model for her peers.” She has been able to achieve academic excellence but has also committed her time and energy to several extracurricular activities including her involvement in student government. Her teacher relates that “she is willing to adopt any task, from the challenging to the mundane, and does so without any expectation for recognition or reward”. Sarah has always inspired by the story of Terry Fox and even took the time to read and research his life. In 2007, when her grandmother passed away from liver cancer, she realized just how devastating cancer can be and just how important cancer research is. She decided to remember Terry’s legacy once again and get involved. For this reason The Terry Fox Foundation is Sarah’s favourite charity as it “helps to remember Terry in the way he would want to be remembered – by giving hope to many that one day cancer will be inconsequential to our world”.