Rachel Keyes

Rachel is well-known at her school for the character and integrity with which she conducts herself. She is genuinely concerned with the well-being of those around her and works tirelessly for her fellow students. She is involved on Student Council in a number of areas, as well as on the Nordic Ski team and on the Me to We committee. Rachel also volunteers in her community. For two years she volunteered at The Museum and last summer Rachel travelled to Uganda as part of a group from her favourite charity, GIVE International. They provide human, material and financial resources to projects around the world that focus on health care, child and youth development and education. Their motto states “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”. This trip was an incredible experience for Rachel as she was able to see the motto in action. It gave her a desire to continue to try to make a difference in people’s lives, not only far away but also here at home.