Rachel Baker

Rachel is a talented , caring person with a strong work ethic and initiative, with a commitment to learning. Academically, she excels in all her pursuits but also uses her leadership skills to encourage her classmates to succeed as well. Friends and staff members describe Rachel as someone who leads by example and does it with confidence. This is evident in all of her school activities including her work on Drama Council and on the Global Outreach Team. She shows this away from school as well in her work at Pride Stables, her charity of choice. Pride Stables provides therapeutic horseback riding lessons and summer camps for children and adults with disabilities. Rachel loves volunteering here as she loves horses and she enjoys witnessing the joy these animals bring to people’s lives.. Rachel sees first hand how Pride Stables makes a difference in the lives of those living with disabilities and she too is making a difference in the lives of those she works with both at Pride Stables and in her school community.