Misha Kuzma

Misha is an amazing young man who is committed to making his life a success as well as to making a difference in the world around him. His family came to Canada from the Ukraine when he was six and despite a difficult life, his father taught him the importance of being involved with your community and sharing with your neighbours. When his father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, a few years ago, Misha decided he would step up and get involved with the Williamsburg Community Association. This is his charity of choice. It is a not for profit Community Association consisting of neighbours working together to bring a sense of community to among 4900 diverse families in South West Kitchener. Misha helps as an ESL volunteer, helping adults new to Canada to build their conversation skills. He also helps at many community festivals and events and also assists with children’s soccer. Through all his volunteering Misha is making a difference in the lives of the community.