Milan Paraski

Milan is an amazing young man who realizes that young people truly can make a difference. He is very involved in soccer and is described as the ultimate team player. He is a leader on and off the field. In addition to playing, he also volunteers his time coaching younger players in a soccer camp, where he shows tremendous patience and sensitivity in dealing with the young children. Last summer, Milan participated in a soccer experience in Ecuador, training, playing games and interacting socially with Ecuadorean players of the same age. Milan showed great respect for the people with whom he interacted and demonstrated an authentic interest and awareness of their different culture. Milan’s choice of charity, Free the Children, reflects this awareness and respect for people from other cultures. He explains that he supports Free the Children because they not only send money but they actually go work in the communities where the help is needed. He is also amazed that out of all the people who were aware of the world’s issues, it was a young man, Craig Kielburger who actually made a difference!