Mei Goto-Carter

Mei is a very mature and organized student who has been actively involved in charity work at Eastwood since her Grade 9 year. She has always shown herself to be a person of commitment and integrity with a well developed sense of social justice. This year she took on a leadership role in the Youth in Action group at school. Not only is she committed to the need for action, but also action through understanding. She ensures that the students are motivated to do more than simply raise funds but also see and support first hand the work done by other agencies and groups in the larger community. She has organized volunteer opportunities for students at the Food Bank, Ray of Hope, a local soup kitchen and the Salvation Army, all of which took place outside regular school hours. One of these, the Food Bank of Waterloo Region, is Mei’s charity of choice. She realizes that her donation is not only needed but tremendously valued. It is a local charity supported through the people of this region whose compassion for the hungry in our neighbourhoods has no bounds.