Megan van Heeswyk

Megan is very well spoken, courteous, approachable and has a great sense of humour. In everything she does, she shows a great deal of enthusiasm and her energy is contagious to the people around her.  She is extremely reliable and professional in her various volunteer positions and has displayed an amazing ability to connect and build healthy relationships with people of all ages.  Megan’s favourite charity is The Bridges Homeless Shelter.  It serves the homeless population in Cambridge and offers shelter and a warm meal to those who live on the street.  Megan has volunteered there and experienced the smiles and thanks from those who come for a warm meal or a warm place to stay.  Through her school she has helped to raise awareness of homelessness and addiction.  One activity that she participated in was the Into the Cold sleep out.  It was a true eye opener for her and a view into life on the streets.  She has continued to volunteer at Bridges and believes that her time and efforts are important to these people and her donation will truly make a difference.