Megan Bittner

Megan is a mature young woman who sees the “bigger picture” and strives to meet the needs of a wide range of groups through her involvements at school and in the Preston community. She has served on Student council as well as many other teams and clubs in her school. She is also a good student who has been able to strike a balance between student activities and her academics. She is always willing to work hard and this is something that she does with passion in her work with the Cambridge Youth Adaptive Baseball Program, her charity of choice. Megan volunteers as an Assistant Coach with this organization which provides young boys and girls with special needs the opportunity to participate in a variety of adapted baseball activities. The dedicated coaches work to build each child’s confidence by rewarding even their smallest successes which in turn gave them a sense of accomplishment and according to Megan “put a smile on their faces”. She was truly inspired by these boys and girls and their strength and perseverance and she came to realize that “it wasn’t about who was the best, it was about having fun, feeling accepted and developing a love for the sport of baseball.”