McKenna Szczepanowski

McKenna is an exceptional leader who works daily to make positive differences to the lives of others. She is a well-balanced and dedicated member of her school community who maintains her position on school council, is an honour roll student and who also dances competitively. Through her work on student council she has established herself as an advocate for all members of her school community, trying always to ensure that students from various backgrounds and situations are welcome. McKenna shows compassion and respect toward everyone around her. This compassion is evident in her choice for her charity, The Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada. They have been providing support and resources to children suffering from illness or injury for over 23 years. Not only do they provide assistance to the children and their families from the emergency room through to recovery, but they also encourage volunteers to work with the children they assist. Starlight would like to expand their programs into more communities and hospitals in Canada and McKenna hopes that her donation and her support can help.