Matthew Jessop

Matt is reliable, sincere, and enthusiastic. He also has an outstanding sense of humour. He is a member of Student Council and has volunteered for a number of events at his school and always contributes his input, ideas and time willingly. His outstanding contributions to his school, his peers and his teachers do not go unnoticed. Outside of school, Matt is involved in the Air Cadet League of Canada– Ontario Provincial Committee. It has had a profound impact on his development as an individual and for this reason, it is his charity of choice. Matt has been involved with the Air Cadets since he was 13. Through his involvement, he has grown as a leader and has learned discipline. They offer incredible opportunities through a variety of programs designed to inspire and motivate youth interested in aviation. Just last week, Matt was notified that he is the successful recipient of a Power Pilot Scholarship worth approximately $12,000 to assist him in earning his private pilot licence. Matt is happy to be able to give back to an organization that has given him so much.