Mark Clubine

Mark is a pleasure to be around. He is polite and respectful of others and never hesitates to offer assistance to those around him whether they are peers, adults or others in need. He is committed to his studies but this has not stopped him from participating in school sports, community sports, arts and volunteering in his school and in his community. Mark is a founding member of SVP Teens Waterloo Region, a group of young people who are raising money to support programs that provide access to extracurricular activities to youth who would not otherwise be able to participate. Through this group Mark discovered Gainline Africa, his charity of choice. During the summer of 2013 Mark and seven other local rugby players traveled to Uganda with Gainline Africa to experience African culture and help build community at a grassroots level through rugby clinics and volunteering at orphanages, schools and even a jail. Mark explains that the impact of this journey has been felt both internationally and locally and has helped him to be able to think with a global perspective.