Maggie Daly

Maggie is committed to taking on the responsibility of making a difference in her community. She shows this through her many involvements in her church community, her school community and in the global community. She has taken on a number of leadership roles and is an excellent example and role model to her younger siblings and other youth. She recently made a presentation at a CWL meeting regarding her role in an outreach project to help build a school in India. It was clear to those present that she demonstrated empathy, compassion and respect toward the needs and feelings of the people of India. This explains in part why her charity of choice is The Global Soap Project. It works with hotels to use the soap that would otherwise be disposed of and remakes it into new bars to be used in developing countries to combat disease and sickness especially in children. Proper hand washing can help prevent some serious health issues and The Global Soap Project through their creative and inventive reuse of soap is helping to make a positive difference.