Maddison Braga

Maddison is an exceptional young woman. She manages to maintain an A average while filling her time with a lengthy list of commitments that include wrestling, piano, karate and babysitting. She also devotes hundreds of volunteer hours to her charity of choice, YWCA Cambridge. It does not matter what the task is, Maddison is always available to help. She embraces each task with care and endless enthusiasm and treats everyone with equal attention and respect. “Through leadership, advocacy and program delivery, YWCA Cambridge will create a community where women and girls are respected, valued and equal.” This vision statement of YWCA defines Maddison’s deepest values. Her goal is to contribute to an environment where women and girls can feel powerful and confident and be presented with a fair opportunity to obtain a leadership role within the community and workplace. She is thankful that she can be a part of this powerful change. She is motivated into believing that she is a leader and can be the one that can make a difference in her community!