Lydia Serbanescu

Lydia is an excellent, dedicated student and role model for her peers. Academically she always works hard and has maintained a high average throughout high school. She demonstrates openness to the values and traditions of others and treats other students with empathy, compassion and respect. In her work for social justice, she helped to plan an initiative to help raise awareness of youth homelessness. Lydia has been an active member of WAYVE for several years. She is a co-leader in her school’s WAYVE team and also a member of the regional team. Through her work with WAYVE, she has reached over 6,000 students with her strong message against youth violence. Lydia’s charity of choice is Canadian Mental Health Association, the organization which oversees WAYVE. Her work with WAYVE has touched her personally and her hope is that with her donation, more lives can be touched and more people will get the help that they deserve.