Lindsay Goulden

Lindsay, a grade 11 student, is described fondly by her vice-principal as “organized, dedicated, trustworthy and very much a practical dreamer.” She has invested countless hours as student dedicated to academics as well as to the very fabric of her school—involved in such events as community dinner, breakfast program, transitioning grade 8s, World Vision, 30-hour Famine, Hands for Haiti, One Earth Club and more. However, it is her charity of choice, the Mennonite Central Committee of Canada that also, clearly defines her selfless acts of kindness. With a mandate to support sustainable community development, justice, disaster relief and peace keeping, the MCCC works with local communities in funding projects to ensure that their needs are met—a core value that Lindsay in particular values. Lindsay champions the MCCC as a charity that relies on volunteers, thus ensuring that a significant portion of funds raised, is invested directly into the communities in need.