Laura Stern

Laura is a true leader in every sense of the word and lives her faith in a quiet unassuming manner. She has made significant contributions to her school and community and is a natural choice for the Making a Difference Award. Laura has consistently carried the message to other students that bullying is not acceptable through her three year involvement with WAYVE. As the leader of her school’s WAYVE team for the past 2 years, she has brought the message to the school and to the community with great success. She helps to make her school a safe and accepting environment. Laura is also involved in her school’s Social Justice Club and was among 50 students who were chosen to travel to India to help build a school last year. She has also been involved in her school council and through her work with the KW Youth Action Council she has facilitated fundraisers for St. John’s Soup Kitchen, KidsAbility and Laurel Creek. Laura’s charity of choice is ROOF. ROOF provides shelter and services for youth aged 12-25. It is locally founded and addresses issues and offers support in our own community for those who could not otherwise afford them. Laura knows that homelessness can lead to serious social problems and crime and she strongly supports the work of ROOF to educate, create awareness and offer support where they can.