Laura Shantz

Laura is unselfish, compassionate, reliable, committed and most of all, caring. She is an active member of her Leadership class and the student council at school and her participation and efforts contribute greatly to the success of student activities. Her work with Developmental Education students at school is significant and she is constantly looking for ways to connect this class with school events. Laura is a mature student who realizes how fortunate we are to live in a country like Canada. That is why her charity of choice is World Vision Canada. This charity has been supporting people, especially children, in third world countries for many years. World Vision gives hope to these people and it gives Canadians an opportunity to reach out and sponsor a child or donate much needed items for families. Laura recently got a job and with this income she has been able to sponsor a child on her own. This has changed her life in a very positive way and made her more committed than ever to support this wonderful organization. As Laura says “A smile is the greatest gift a person can give and World Vision Canada does that every day”.