Kirsten Leusink

Kirsten is a very conscientious student who has an outstanding positive attitude towards, school, work and life in general. She is a founding member of her school’s Make a Difference movement . She has been involved in several charitable initiatives at her school, including raising enough funds to build a school in Kenya, and her ongoing support of Relay for Life. When her school had a group of Columbian students visiting for a month, Kirsten volunteered to be a buddy and helped not only while at school but also volunteered to billet one of them in her own home. As a result of the challenges in her own life, she has learned the importance of compassion and caring. When she was nine years old she was diagnosed with epilepsy. From that day on, Sick Kids Hospital has become an important part of her life. Her charity of choice is The Sick Kids Foundation and Kirsten will direct her winning donation specifically to Epilepsy research . She is thankful for the difference Sick Kids has made in her life and hopes the donation will help make a difference in some of the 300,000 Canadians living with Epilepsy.