Kinsey Robertson

Kinsey is a polite and respectful young woman who strives to do her best in all of her endeavors and who does so while still helping and supporting those around her. She has a positive attitude and an infectious smile that warms the hearts of those around her including her four legged friends at the Doggie Daycare where she volunteers. Kinsey has an affection for animals and especially dogs and they are drawn to her energy. It is this love for animals that has made The Cambridge Humane Society her charity of choice. It is a non-profit organization that provides shelter and comfort to animals in need. It also provides education and information to the community about how to care for pets and investigates allegations concerning cruelty and neglect toward animals. Kinsey has 3 dogs at home and knows firsthand the costs associated with caring for pets. She hopes her donation will help the Society in their important work.