Kiana Chin

Kiana cares about the wellbeing of others both in her school and in her community. Aside from her multiple athletic awards, excellence in the Crossfit athletics circuit, and a solid academic record, she is simply a wonderful person and a source of positive energy for all who meet her. She gives her time as a member of student council and in the leadership program at Huron Heights. She also joined the “Hunger Games” group to assist the Waterloo Region Food Bank. Kiana is very aware of the importance of her education and her school involvement, and for this reason she has chosen Free the Children as her Charity of Choice. She believes that education is the solution to many problems around the world and Free the Children recognizes the benefits of education. With the help of youth around the world they work to make education more widely available. As Kiana states, they encourage and empower students to step up and change the world and because of their actions, the world will become a better place.