Jessie Castello

Jessie, a grade 11 student, first encountered her charity, Mennonite Central Committee, or MCC, when she was a child attending workshops run by a local group. Even as a young child, she learned the importance of understanding and connecting with others in need and actually making a difference in their lives. She continues to work with MCC in various programs both locally and globally and was especially inspired to continue her efforts during an MCC sponsored project “Learning Through Service” in Montreal last summer. It was here that she saw the effects that poverty has and all of the youth involved were encouraged to continue to give of the resources that they have. Her church youth sponsor writes: “While Jessie’s commitment to service is inspiring, her gifts of empathy, compassion and openness are what truly define her. She is committed to learning other ‘s traditions and values, striving constantly to treat everyone she meets with respect and dignity.”