Javad Niazmand

Javad is an outstanding citizen of his school and of the community. He is obliged to make the world a better place because he believes it can be. Javad is a strong student who has achieved honour role status every year at high school. He is bright and curious and also understands the importance of balance. He is a strong leader who serves his community and has a genuine desire to give back. It is this desire to give back that has helped him to choose Sick Kids Foundation as his charity of choice. Javad was diagnosed with Leukemia as a young child and experienced first hand what the Foundation does for the children in the hospital. He explains that when he thinks back to the days when he was sick, he only has fond memories of laughter and happiness. He says that the staff and facilities are nothing short of incredible as they take the child’s mind off whatever their bodies are battling. They truly make a difference in the lives of the children and their families. Javad knows with certainty that the award money will help them to continue to provide remarkable care.