Jaime Downey

Jaime is a faith-filled, compassionate, dedicated young adult. She is an honour-roll student who works hard and takes pride in her accomplishments. As an athlete, she has been well decorated in varsity soccer, curling, cross country and volleyball. Whatever sport she plays, she gives 100% to her team and her coaches. Jaime is also dedicated to social action. As a member of her school’s Social Action Team, she has participated in community walks, shelter programs and soup kitchens. Jaime is a humble young person who consistently puts the needs of others ahead of her own. When her family recently suffered a house fire that destroyed all her clothes and keepsakes, instead of focusing on her loss, she directed her energy on counting her blessings and focusing on what she did not lose. This selflessness is also reflected in her choice of charity, The Ray of Hope. This year her school has been actively volunteering in meal prep and serving at Ray of Hope and as a result Jaime has seen first-hand the needs in the community. She has also seen the importance of personal interactions with the people who are served at the Ray of Hope. Many were so grateful just to have someone to talk to and someone who would listen to them. She hopes that her donation will help in some small way to contribute to the immediate needs of the Ray of Hope community.