Hannah Wynen

Hannah is a remarkable young woman. As a member of the WAYVE program she has volunteered more than 400 hours of her time to help present the WAYVE message to more than 20,000 students and community members. WAYVE (Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere) works to reduce bullying and violence in area schools, while seeking to promote cultures of acceptance and respect among youth. Hannah believes strongly in the program and its members and has chosen it as her charity of choice. She credits the WAYVE team for being a strong support during some very difficult times in her life. They in turn credit Hannah for her tireless , dedicated leadership both on the Regional team and on her in-school team. Hannah is well spoken and articulate and is always willing to participate and share her personal stories which impact people in many positive ways. She takes her position as a role model very seriously and her caring and compassionate nature makes her a valuable resource to others. One of her leaders remarked “Hannah’s dedication to the community, work ethic and leadership ability will help her as she continues to make positive changes in our world”.