Graeme Sailor

Graeme is an excellent person for this award. He is a bright and committed individual who is ready to help at all turns. He has been a volunteer in the Bluevale Breakfast Program for the past 3 years, helping to prepare, serve and clean up. As a participant in the Red Cross Beyond the Hurt Anti-Bullying Program, Graeme has taken on a leadership role as he works to educate students about the effects of bullying and harassment. He is a kind and compassionate young man who is always willing to put others before himself. He knows that one person can make a difference and tells of how one person, a social worker , helped him when he was a child dealing with a rare birth defect and how she helped him to visit an Easter Seals camp in Kananaskis Alberta for children suffering from the same disorder. Here he was able to meet others and share experiences and challenges, receive encouragement, friendship, advice and humour. As a result of his experiences, Graeme is now helping another young man who is facing the same challenges as he did. Graeme’s charity of choice is Easter Seals, and he will direct that his winning donation will be used to assist other young people to attend the camp . As Graeme, writes “I know sponsoring a child’s attendance to Camp Horizon will truly make a difference in their life. I wish to pay forward what was offered to me.”