Erin Caple

Erin’s positive energy shines in all aspects of her life. She is a hardworking student both inside and outside the classroom and her commitment to giving back to her school and her community has made her one of our young leaders of today. It is this commitment to giving to the community that is most evident in Erin’s work with her charity of choice, Community Living Cambridge. This charity provides support and opportunities to those with developmental disabilities and their families. In addition, it helps to raise awareness and encourages acceptance and support. One of the reasons Erin feels so strongly about this charity is that it is local and directly impacts people in her neighbourhood. She agrees with the ideals of Community Living – that every individual deserves the chance to reach their full potential and this can be accomplished through housing, employment and social opportunities. According to Erin, “despite their disabilities, these people have love in their hearts and deserve every opportunity they are given”.