Cora Culley

Cora is always positive and cooperative, willing to help out when she can. She has shown these qualities very clearly in her work as a member of Bluevale’s EDGE (Environmental Duty for a Greener Earth) Club. Cora has assisted in searching for grants for the school’s greening initiatives, is presently involved with the group organizing the school’s new green space and even assists with the unpleasant task of cleaning the school recycling boxes as needed. She is trustworthy and dependable and understands the importance of achieving her fullest potential as an agent of change, something she learned through Free the Children, her charity of choice. It is her favourite charity because they aim to empower youth to become socially engaged and they specialize in sustainable development all around the world. She believes that when Free the Children focuses on youth helping other youth in developing countries to focus on important lifestyle needs, a difference will be made and we will be one step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty.