Carly Nevin

Carly, a grade 11 student, is “a self-directed learner who excels in all her courses of study as well as with her commitment in co-curricular education”. She has volunteered extensively throughout the school and outside in the community. As part of a special Outreach course in grade 11, she recently traveled to Chile to build a new playground for a disadvantaged community in Santiago. She has helped plan her school’s annual community dinner and has worked as a member of Student council, to plan and oversee school initiatives related to social justice and the environment. Recently Carly began volunteering at St. Mark’s Soup Kitchen in Kitchener. It runs every Wednesday to help feed the homeless and less fortunate in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. What impacted her most at St. Mark’s was seeing the sense of community that a simple meal brought to the patrons and volunteers alike. That is why St. Mark’s is Carly’s charity of choice.