Alisha Szozda

Alisha is a very enthusiastic, cooperative, conscientious and caring young woman. She is hard working and brings a positive attitude to all she does. Her team at the Out of the Cold program where she volunteers, commented on her friendly and outgoing personality and especially the smile she always had on her face as she began her shift. Alisha has been part of a number of charities in her school and community but the one that is her favourite is Free the Children. She had the opportunity to attend “We Day” which enlightened and empowered her. This year they launched the “We Create Change” campaign to raise funds to bring clean water to over 100,000 children in developing communities. Alisha was passionate about this campaign and raised over $400 worth of pennies. Included in this were pennies donated by a homeless man that met Alisha while she was volunteering at Out of the Cold. When he heard about her campaign he began to look for pennies on the street and brought them in to her. This touched her deeply and inspired her to work harder toward her goal. Free the Children is a charity that works to make a difference in the lives of many children around the world and Alisha is happy that she can make a difference in her own small way.