Aleefa Devji

Aleefa is a dyamic young woman who dedicates her time and efforts to make a difference in her community. She does this in various ways including being a tour guide at The Museum, being on the organizing team for the Waterloo Marathon, volunteering at the local Food Bank and the Volunteer Action Centre and doing other work with disabled children. She is also very involved with the World Partnership Walk, her charity of choice. It was started 28 years ago by a small group of women in Vancouver to help end Global Poverty. It has expanded to 10 cities across Canada and has raised over $75 million since it started. The mandate of the charity is to help various countries around the world implement systems to sustain their development. It is not a hand out but instead a hand up and Aleefa is very dedicated to their success. Their work is an inspiration to her and this encourages her not only to help with their global work but also encourages her to help in her local community where there is a need and where she can make a difference.