Aisha Hufnagel

Aisha is a remarkable young woman, who is conscientious and committed to her studies. Her desire to learn goes beyond school and has influenced her to spend her time engaged in activities that impact both her local and the global community in positive ways. At school, she is active on her Student Council and is also involved in fundraising efforts. At her church, she is a leader in a number of programs and has shown that she is a team player, who listens to others and takes initiative. She has a keen sense of responsibility, integrity and justice and is a mentor to her peers and an inspiration to those around her. Her desire to make a difference and learn has motivated her to become involved in Free the Children, her charity of choice. This group’s mission is: “Empowering and enabling youth to be agents of change, domestically and internationally.” Aisha explains that Free the Children are creating youth who are passionate about change and who take steps of action to make it happen. They do not look down on youth, but instead educate, enable and empower them to be the change makers of the world today.