Aaron Shantz

Aaron, a grade 11 student, has taken active leadership roles at Waterloo Oxford Secondary School. His passion and leadership on sports teams resulted in the Junior Athletic Award. He has also been involved in student government at school. Aaron’s volunteer work has extended to his local community as well through his involvement with the annual Mennonite Relief Sale, the Baden public library and the Healthy Communities Day. Aaron commitment has taken him beyond his local community through his work with Shantz Mennonite Church. With his youth group he has travelled to a Pennsylvania to work in a group home for people struggling with mental health challenges and last year he travelled to Chicago to work throughout the city working with a number of social service agencies , preparing food for the homeless, cleaning abused women’s shelters and working with a peacemaker team. For Aaron, the charity that makes the best use of the money they receive is Mennonite Central Committee. Through his involvement with their programs he has seen how well they use the financial and volunteer resources they have. This is why he not only supports them financially but also through his action. According to Aaron, “they are an organization of people who seek to give selflessly of themselves so that others can have better lives”.