The world became a better place on July 7, 1993.

France-Anne Renee Sweeny was born and almost immediately her smile began to melt the hearts of everyone around her. Those of us who knew her then, knew that her bright, beautiful smile, her carefree laugh and her genuine love for life would continue to touch the hearts of all she met as she grew into a beautiful young woman.

From a very young age France-Anne had a profound love for all animals and especially for horses and dogs. She would often shriek “Horses! Horses!” when driving past a farm and although it was difficult on the ears, we all knew that someday she would find herself caring for and working with horses. France-Anne loved dogs and especially her own dogs. When her dog Buckley was just a puppy, she brought him to a family gathering and the only time she put him down was to eat dinner! She showed her love for animals in the love she gave them and all of them loved her in return. Her gentle caring touch brought out the best in all the animals in her care.

France-Anne was cheerful and friendly and loved to laugh and be carefree. Aside from school and family obligations, she was involved in so many other activities from a very early age: from soccer, karate and Irish Dancing to flute lessons, and counseling at horse camps. As with all things in her life, France-Anne gave as much as she received.

France-Anne had an inquisitive nature and a true love for learning. She wanted to find out more and constantly asked questions about everyone and everything. This habit only became a problem when she was watching a movie with others and especially when she was at a movie theatre with her uncle or her cousins!! This love of learning carried through to her work at school. She had a strong determination to do well in everything she worked at. Her perseverance through hard times in her life was inspirational to so many and even as she worked hard and excelled, she still managed to help others to do the same.

Although she asked many questions, France-Anne was also an attentive listener and cared about what people had to say. She had a gift for sharing herself with others, whether it was a ridiculous and silly story or a serious and inspirational personal experience. When her sharing encouraged people to respond and share their stories with her, she immediately made them feel loved and accepted. This gift touched many hearts as her family discovered only recently.

The world did become a better place on July 7th, 1993 and France-Anne worked constantly to continue to make her world a better place. Although tragedy struck on May 26th, 2009, we know she would not want it to end there. France-Anne would encourage all people to make their world a better place too. We have seen that it is true that one person can make a difference and all of us have been given the gifts to do the same!